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About Us

We are a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization providing personal satisfaction to our clientele.

cTaylorMade Enterprise is an “all-inclusive” full service company that was founded by Cordara Taylor. Our company prides itself as one of the leaders in meeting the needs of our clientele and providing services that are uniquely “TaylorMade” just for their specific needs.

cTaylorMade Enterprise has built a team of experts who have excelled in their chosen areas of services and who are well-trained professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their customers. We use our expert knowledge in a range of services to help bring our clients’ needs to unprecedented levels of success.

Our Mission

The mission of cTaylorMade Enterprise is to be the most successful “all-inclusive” full service company in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Although our company is based in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, our services are not restricted by location. 

What We Do

cTaylorMade Enterprise incorporates proven, professional first class services specializing in the following areas:

  • Wedding & Event Planning
  • Month-of Coordination
  • Event Operations
  • Event Financial Planning/Accounting
  • Interior Design
  • Set Design
  • Creative Spacing
  • Educational & Youth Services
  • Professional Development
    • Tutorial Services
    • Motivational Dynamics
    • Organizational Leadership & Management Services
  • Leadership Dynamics